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  1. Underground Queen (by Hannah B)
  2. Blue Socks (by Hannah B)
  3. NYE Black Velvet.

    NYE Black Velvet.

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Hearse in the cemetery


    Hearse in the cemetery

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    I assisted Getty photographer Jerod Harris on another portrait assignment. This time he was photographing writer/director Pedro Almodovar at a screening of his new move The Skin I Live In. Pedro’s eyes are very sensitive to bright lights and flashes so we opted to use hot lights instead of strobes. Jerod had about 3 minuets to photograph Pedro before we followed him into a theater to document a Q&A about the film. The shoot was fun and I got an awesome new profile pic thanks to a test shot by Jerod.

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    10/28/11 Disneyland

    I took my camera for a solo trip to Disneyland today. I actually really enjoy going to the park alone; Disneyland is one of the best places for people watching and being a single rider makes the lines a lot shorter. They’re taking down the Halloween decorations soon so I wanted to ride Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy one last time before they did. The Haunted Mansion’s Nightmare Before Christmas theme will be up through the winter holiday season though, which I believe starts on November 14th!

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    10/20/11-10/23/11 East Coast Trip

    My mom and I flew cross country to Warren Pennsylvania for my Grandfather’s 80th birthday/family reunion. I hadn’t seen any of my east coast family since I was 13 years old. It was really great to reconnect. Although it was a bit of a culture shock because it is just so incredibly different from where I live. There’s so much space there! The foliage really blew me away, nothing like that in California.

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  9. Autumn (by Hannah B)
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    The Madonna Inn

    The Madonna Inn in San Louis Obispo is probably the coolest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. I had always wanted to stay there but never gotten a chance. So, this was my birthday present from Max. Our room was #173 Floral Fantasy… So much pink.. It was amazing. Anyway, we checked in on my birthday (9/26) and had dinner that night at the hotel’s steakhouse. The food was beyond delicious and for desert I got a pink champagne birthday cake! Max and I also brought a bubble gun along for the trip because, why not?  Bubble guns are awesome.

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  12. Lovely (by Hannah B)
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